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The following articles and links illustrate the work undertaken by the Museum staff with representatives of the Nomadic Kurdish communities and with local, national and international partners.

Arcade 2009
“The socio cultural impact of the preservation of an historical site on the conservation of tangible and intangible heritage: The case of the Citadel of Erbil and the Kurdish Textile Museum.”

This paper was presented at the Seminar on “Culture and Urban Development in the North/South Perspective” November 13-14 2008, Lille, France.

The Seminar brought together actors of culture and social development from various backgrounds (including representatives of local authorities, NGOs, foundations, research centers, universities, international organisations as well as artists and cultural practitioners). The objective was to exchange the latest ideas and practices on culture as it relates to community development in both developed and developing environments.
The sessions was held in the city of Lille, France, in collaboration with the M.A. programme “Culture and Development” at the Institute of Political Studies of Lille.

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